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About Us


MetalTec 2001 Kft. was formed with a 50%-50% German and Hungarian ownership in older premises some 12 km south-west of Székesfehérvár and 35 km south-east of Veszprém. By forming the company our aim was, primarily through our existing connections in Germany, to establish a production plant that can meet both the quality and quantity requirements of the automobile industry, the manufacturing of high voltage and sanitary equipment, as well as deep drawn and stamped parts.


In 2002, the German partner left the company, since then the entire product range has been changed and by 2009 the volume of production has increased. In addition we have also extended the range and stock of our machinery. We enjoy a very good reputation amongst our clients.

2004 – today

Since the beginning of 2004 we have our own manufacturing cutting, bending and punching tools. Tools that are more complex or require larger capacity than ours are manufactured by our partner company (GNSZ Kft, Veszprém). They are also capable of the design and production of multi-staged complex serial tools. Our colleagues are trained and flexible individuals, who have the skills to manufacture simple, cut out, bent, pressed metal elements as well as complex multi-staged group parts both in an assembled and welded construction.

We also undertake the complete production of structures from exclusive or special steels that are welded or require combined processing technologies. We also have the appropriate experience for the production of pressure tested and pressure vessels.

  • Production facility: 2.400 m2
  • Size of plot: 15.500 m2
  • Storage capacity: 500m2
  • Number of employees: 20
Currently the company is operating in accordance with the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system.

If we have been able to raise your interest please contact us for any potential future cooperation. We are available at anytime and also in person.

Gyula Mónus, Managing Director